Dr. Piero

Dr. Piero has been practicing dentistry in holland, mi since 1982.  Born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan, Piero received his degree from the University of Detroit, Mercy School of Dentistry.

A life-long problem solver, he has developed and implemented a chair side air evacuation system and a disinfectant infusion system for his operatory water lines. He is the inventor of Dental Air Force® and the CEO of Air Force Inc. He holds twelve patents worldwide.


I was born in Detroit, the car capital of the world. When I was 3 or 4 years old, the guy across the street – then probably a little over 40 – drove a new 1957 t-bird. You know the kind, with the little porthole window. I said to my parents, “Wow, that’s cool. I want one”. They told me the owner was a dentist and if I wanted to drive a car like that I would have to become a dentist. I said ok. And from that point on, for the next 25 years, I made it my goal to become a dentist. I would like you all to know that it was my dad who was the biggest influence on me. He was an immigrant who came to America on a boat from Italy. A kid who learned to cut hair on a soapbox in a Southern seaside town in Calabria when he was a kid. He come here when he was 18 years old and served in the US army in WWII. He spoke English with quite an accent, lived the American dream: married a beautiful Italian gal he met after arriving in the states, built a new brick house with detached brick garage, bought a new car and 35 inch black and white TV. He bought land and built a beautiful barber shop. He had “tutto”, which means “everything” in Italian. My dad died at 65 while I was two years into dental school. He worked 6 days a week from 8am to 6pm. He collected 1 social security check posthumous. I still have lofty goals for myself and honor him in all my work. My mother was Italian also, but born in the United States. She would tell me that I could do and be anything I wanted. Along the way, with her influence my father started a barber shop in Dearborn, Michigan. She, like most people, loved nice things. We had everything … and most of it broke down. Not being rich, my dad and I would fix it ….the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher, the faucets, the hot water heater, the garbage disposal, the TV, the toilet, the car, the furnace, the fireplace, the stove, the toaster, the roof, the sewer, the lawn mowers, the gate, the locks, switches, lamps, you name it, we fixed it. Well, most of the time. Then we would fix it again. We learned a lot out of necessity. We never had to fix the fridge, just the bursting line to the ice maker. Damn, we did have to fiddle with the icemaker a number of times. Oh well, you get the drift. We even made our own Christmas tree lights. One of my earliest and fondest memories during the late fifties and early sixties is soldering miniature bulbs from Italy. To this day if I solder anything, the smell reminds me of those evenings with wires and bulbs and testers. It was developing these skills with my dad that allowed me to create Dental Air Force.


Starting in 1984, Dr. Piero has used his clinical experience in the development of Dental Air Force, a sophisticated personal home dental hygiene system that represents the biggest leap forward in personal hygiene and periodontal prevention and treatment since the modern toothbrush was invented in 1938. Dr. Piero developed and created Dental Air Force based on professional dental hygiene equipment that can “power wash” plaque away and microscopic debris between teeth and disrupt and wash away the biofilm that grows on teeth and produces periodontal disease. Using the professional teeth cleaning equipment called the Prophy Jet ™; Dr. Piero saw the potential for a home version of an oral hygiene system that could remove biofilm and plaque from teeth that tooth brushing and flossing omit – a system the whole family could use in preventing periodontal disease. “When I had that “aha moment” and understood that this personal oral hygiene system could help prevent periodontal disease and other systemic diseases from heart disease and diabetes to reducing the potential for certain cancers, there was no turning back,” Piero said. In his book, Never Brush Your Teeth Again, he identifies the problems related to periodontal disease. It highlights the long-ignored direct links between periodontal disease and systemic diseases from high CRP and HbA1C levels that can lead to stroke, COPD, diabetes and a wide range of other diseases and cancers in men and women.


Being fervent about oral hygiene, Piero spent ten years designing Dental Air Force®, a household dental appliance that would solve several problems for his patients. Tenacity and perseverance were critical throughout the rigorous testing, clinical studies and FDA approval process. In addition, it was necessary to design all the equipment used to manufacture the appliance, since this is a totally new concept. Piero’s private practice is dedicated to patient education and prevention. Once in the dental chair, you will learn about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, plaque causing odor, gingivitis, over abrading one surface of the tooth to access another, problems with flossing – just to name a few of the topics. He is talented in explaining confusing dental issues to the general public. Always passionate to educate the public on oral hygiene, Piero or his staff is available for interviews or visits to area schools.


Dr. Piero is an international speaker on inflammation in the mouth. Some of his speaking engagements include: • AAOSH Scientific Session (Las Vegas, Nevada) • Medical University of South Carolina, Periodontics (Charleston, NC) • Health and Wellness Conference (Vancouver, Canada) • 8th International Congress: Focus on Dentistry (Sardinia, Italy) He has written and published articles on periodontal health related to heart disease, respiratory health, diabetes, strokes, and other systemic diseases. He is the former Executive Editor for Journal of Experimental Dental Science, a contributing author to Hospital Infection Control: Clinical Guidelines and the author of Never Brush Your Teeth Again!.


“Book by Piero explaining the groundbreaking research on the connection between oral and systemic health.”

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