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May 2019


Tooth Abrasion: Your Toothbrush is Part of the Problem

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The idea of giving up your toothbrush may lead you down a road of squeamish thoughts pertaining to bad breath and other oral hygiene issues. However, the technological advancements being made in dentistry are kicking the toothbrush to the curb, and with good reason. Abrasive toothpaste in combination with the bristles of your toothbrush can cause damage to the surface of the teeth over time, even when you spend the extra money on “enamel strengthening” toothpaste formulas.

What is Tooth Abrasion

Dental abrasion occurs when damaging materials come into contact with the surface of the teeth. When this happens, it may lead to the premature loss of tooth enamel and cause the dentin to become exposed as a result of tooth wear. Once dentin becomes exposed, the health of the tooth begins to decline at an increased rate. If you catch this early, you may be able to save the tooth, but if left to decay further, it may become vulnerable to infection and need to be pulled. You may be suffering from the effects of tooth abrasion if you’ve noticed an increase in the sensitivity of your teeth. This is most noticeable when consuming hot and cold foods. People sometimes have reactions to sour and spicy foods as well.

What Causes Tooth Abrasion

The most common cause of tooth abrasion is the act of brushing the teeth, which is funny when you consider that people brush their teeth as a preventative measure. If the proper technique is not used, the bristles from the toothbrush can cause severe damage. Most toothbrush companies use harsh materials when making the bristles. They do this to cut production costs, which adds insult to injury. When you combine all of this with abrasive toothpaste, the likelihood of developing tooth abrasion increases tremendously. Tooth abrasion is not caused by grinding your teeth, although this can lead to the loss of tooth structure.

Tooth Erosion vs. Tooth Abrasion

Tooth erosion and tooth abrasion are similar in the sense that they are both major causes of tooth wear, but that is where the similarities end. Tooth erosion is primarily caused by the acids found in the foods and beverages that we consume. If a drink is fizzy or tart in taste, it is likely something that you should avoid if you are trying to prevent acid erosion. Tooth wear caused by acid erosion can also be caused by stomach issues and is often found in those who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux.

Tooth abrasion is caused by manual stimulation on the surface of the tooth. Unlike tooth erosion, it is not caused by acid nor is it caused by bacteria. Abrasion typically only occurs as a result of brushing. Some other scenarios that may lead to abrasion include having a nail-biting habit or routinely using your teeth to open things.

There is a Solution: The Dental Air Force

The Dental Air Force is a user-friendly at home dental cleaning system. It effectively replaces the toothbrush and dental floss by using precision jet technology to maneuver air and water throughout the mouth easily. Once you’ve finished using it, you’ll notice that all of the harmful breath-causing plaque has been washed away. Not only will the plaque be gone from the surface of the tooth but in all the hard to reach nooks between each tooth and around the gum line.

The precision jet uses a combination of cleaning liquid and water to remove anything that has accumulated throughout the day. While the liquid is working its magic, the steady stream of air is fast at work, removing any built-up plaque through an oxidation process that traditional brushing and flossing simply cannot match.

Traditional oral health care staples like toothbrushes need to be replaced every couple of months to combat the build-up of bacteria. The Dental Air Force eliminates this issue and, overall, provides a much more convenient experience. When it comes to effectiveness, the Dental Air Force drastically outperforms traditional brushing, flossing, and oral irrigators. It is the closest to a professional dental cleaning that anybody could ever get from the comfort of their own home.

The cleaning solution that comes with the Dental Air Force is entirely free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is found in most traditional tubes of toothpaste and can cause unpleasant reactions and increased sensitivity. It is flavored with natural mint and consists of safe ingredients that are formulated with the health of your mouth in mind.

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