Dental Air Force Home Cleaning System

$900.00 $750.00

$750 and Free Shipping (Savings on shipping of $39.00 Contiguous US, $59.00 Alaska & Hawaii) for a Limited Time Only! Dental Air Force breaks through the plaque barrier with the power of air, water and our powder cleaner. The cleaner removes greasy plaque in a way simple brushing can’t, while changing the acid environment in the mouth. Air aggressively oxygenates spaces between teeth and around the gum line to kill bacteria and produce the benefits of flossing. And water flushes away debris and bacteria, leaving the mouth refreshed. Plus, replace the water with hydrogen peroxide and get the effects of a professional whitening session at home.


Product Description

System include:

  • – 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • – Dental Air Force compressor
  • – One hand piece
  • – One cleaner bottle included

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Order Location

Location: Contiguous US, Location: Alaska & Hawaii