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Once you’ve used Dental Air Force, you’ll know you’ve found the best way to keep your teeth clean and white between visits to the dentist. Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with the total cleaning power of Dental Air Force.

I’ve been one of the first customers of the Dental Air Force® and really believe in the product. Prior to using it I had two gum surgeries for periodontal disease. Even doing everything the oral surgeon said to do, I still needed the second surgery within two years because my pockets were getting worse. However, since I’ve been using the Dental Air Force®, my hygienist says I still have very healthy gums and it’s been six years. Brushing and flossing did not give me satisfactory results and the Dental Air Force did, I am very pleased. Also, before I used it, my teeth were very sensitive and I was using special tooth paste. Now I have no sensitivity issues.


Dahlonega, GA

Normally, I will not take the time to write a company about a product, however, the Dental Air Force is worth the accolade. It’s only been a few weeks since I have started using the Dental Air Force and I can already see results! What you have been telling me about my receding gums due to excessive brushing was reaffirmed by my initial visit with my orthodontist. It was at that time he also encouraged me to purchase the Dental Air Force for two reasons, one, being the excessive brushing and two, it would be the best way to clean my braces. So after a lot of contemplating over spending the money, we decided to invest.

Wow! It’s an amazing product, especially with cleaning my braces. My acrylic braces were stained from my morning coffee and within two weeks of using the Dental Air Force my braces are now white as snow! In such a short time my teeth are cleaner and brighter. My only regret is that we waited and didn’t buy it sooner. Thank you for encouraging me to buy the Dental Air Force.


Holland, MI

Thanks you for your excellent service and an amazing product. I have been using the Dental Air Force for several years now and cannot imagine doing with out it. My twice yearly cleanings are a breeze, and my dentist always comments on my excellent oral health (this with implants and crowns). Your product is excellent and your great service makes it a pleasure to deal with your company. Anyone who values their dental health should use a DAF! It’s the best investment I could have made for my teeth!


I like the Dental Air Force® far better than an electric toothbrush because it gets under the gum line and between the teeth. Two different dentists have been very impressed with the results of my using the Dental Air Force One dentist tested the microbes in my mouth and said the level was the lowest (best) he’d seen.


Boston, MA

“I want to thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product. It’s just about the best discovery in dental equipment that there is. I do want ask you though, if you have any equipment of this sort that you can travel with, that would be great because we travel so much. Again thank you very much.”


Arvada, CO

“The Dental Air Force is great. It is like visiting the Dentist and receiving a professional cleaning daily. Thanks for a great product.”


Ayer, MA

“I really enjoy the Dental Air Force® system. I feel it is quite good and gives my entire mouth a complete cleansing including the tongue. The last time I visited my dentist, the hygienist said my teeth were in good condition.”


Nashville, TN

“I am extremely satisfied with the new handpiece. It is easier to use, seems to utilize the slurry more efficiently, is less messy and I like that the luger pin is no longer required. Keep up the product improvements. I’m recommending to all my friends!!”


Hilton Head, SC

“Thank you very much for a great product, backed by an unsurpassed customer service!”


Phoenex, AZ

“I don’t have periodontal disease, but I can tell from my teeth cleanings that Dental Air Force works. I have been very impressed with your company. Keep up the great work.”


San Dimas, CA

I just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with the Dental Air Force! It did take some getting used to, and I do have the cleaner all over the bathroom countertop ha ha. Once I got the hang of using it, though, it became easily manageable. I have been using it now for two weeks and this morning, I have seen definite results. I have two very bad stains (coffee, tobacco) on two back teeth in particular that I could do nothing about, because nothing worked except for the 3 months perio cleanings. After using the DAF this morning, I took my tiny dental tool and lightly scraped the stain and it just flaked off! I couldn’t believe it. Now all the stains around the bottom of some of my teeth are fading. To think that I seriously thought about sending it back in the first week makes me shudder. I am a devotee of your company for sure. In September, I will see my periodontist for cleaning. I am anxious to see what she says! I will get back to you with those results! Thank you so much. I’m grateful that I happened to find you on the internet.


Arlington, TX